Information believed correct on 31st January 2015

Iran Travel Guide/ Advice/ Tourist and Tourism General Information

The Iranian people are naturally kind, hospitable and generous. Provided you stick to the local customs and show respect when visiting holy places, you will never be made to feel unwelcome. Although more and more travellers are visiting Iran each year, foreigners are still a novelty: you’ll find that the Iranians are surprisingly interested to talk to you, or practice their English on you.

It is not unusual for locals to invite you into their homes where you’ll find yourself reclining on a Persian carpet, drinking tea and sharing fresh fruit and pistachio nuts – to the intense amusement of their children.

Not to be taken lightly are the three absolute rules:

• Emphatically don’t take any alcohol into the country nor ask for any when you are there.
• Don’t forget to remove your shoes before entering mosques and private houses.
• Don’t take any magazines or books with pictures of scantily clad women, which, even if you judge otherwise, could be considered offensive.

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