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As a native Iranian who has lived much of my life in the UK, I feel passionately that there is much amiss with Iran’s image in the West. Some of this negative image is justified, but there has also been plenty of unnecessary media-fed misunderstanding on both sides. I’ve seen this at first hand because much of my family is still in Iran, and over the years I have been travelling backwards and forwards between the two countries; between two completely different cultures. And I’ve always been surprised – and gratified – to see how much interest there is on each side about the other.

I have made it my mission to try and open up my native country to foreign travellers and established Magic Carpet Travel in 1994. I experimented with itineraries over the years and took along journalists, who wrote about the trips in the national papers. Magic Carpet Travel is now a reliable, professional tour operator.

In 2009 we added Libya as a destination and ran highly successful tours to the stunning, ancient Roman ruins, UNESCO world heritage sites and breathtaking desert scenery to be found in Libya.

You can see some sample ideas by clicking the IRAN or LYBIA boxes on the right. We are at the end of the phone to help you design your trip, to arrange your visa and to make sure things run smoothly for you at the other end. We can offer you as much – or as little – help as you want. I do hope that you’ll let our experience help you make the right decisions.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Zohreh Majidian, Managing Director, Magic Carpet Travel

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